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The Knights of Malta
- The influence that the knights of Malta left on Malta can be noticed by the large amount of books write on this subject and the Great siege in 1565.  



Food and Drink on Maltese Galleys PB
Joseph Muscat , Pin , 2002, 48 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN 9993241334
Lm01.75 Postage Code: A


The Maltese Vaxxell PBJoseph Muscat , Pin , 2000, 52 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN:9990941661
Lm01.50 Postage Code: A

The Birgu Galley Arsenal  PB
Joseph Muscat , Pin , 2002, 40 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN 9993241016
Lm01.50 Postage Code: A


Maltese Ports (1400-1800) PB
Joseph Muscat , Pin , 2002, 50 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN 9993241296
Lm01.50 Postage Code:A


The Xprunara PB
Joseph Muscat , Pin , 2000, 44 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN 9990941939
Lm01.50 Postage Code: A


The Lateen-Rigged Maltese Brigantine PB
Joseph Muscat , Pin , 2001, 52 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN 9993241067
Lm01.50 Postage Code: A


The Carrack of the order PB
Joseph Muscat , Pin , 2002, 44 pages, A5 size
REF / ISBN 9990941807
Lm01.50 Postage Code: A


The Princes of Malta PB The Grand Masters of St.John in Malta 1530-1798 Charles Mula,  Peg,  2000 , 250pages, Colour illustrations A5 size 
REF / ISBN 9990902631 Lm06.50 Postage Code: A  

Naval Activities of the Knights of St.John 1530 1798 HB Joseph Muscat, Andrew Cuschieri  Midsea Books, 2002, 240 pages 
REF / ISBN: 9993239143 Lm19.50 Postage Code: A

Romegas HB 
Carmel Testa, Midsea Books 250pages, 2002, A5 size 
REF / ISBN: 9993239070 Lm19.50 Postage Code: A

Society and the Inquistion in Early Modern Malta by Frans Ciappara HB, Pub: Peg, 2001, 615 pages
Lm18.00 Postage Code : B

Palace of the Grand Masters in Valletta by Albert Ganado,2001, Fondazjoni Partimonju Malti,232p,A4size, Lm15.00 PB Postage Code: B Lm17.95 HB Postage Code: C

The Last of The Crusaders HB by Rodrick Cavaliero, Pub Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti, 2001, 298 pages, colour illustrations
Lm12.00 Postage Code : B
Fortresses of the Knights by Stephen C.Spiteri, Pub: BDL, 2001 , 385 pages full colur illustrations
Lm20.00 PB 
Postage Code:B
Lm30.00 HB 
Postage Code:C 

The Fourgrasse the stone mortar of Malta
by Stephen C. Spiteri
price Lm2.95  
Postage Group : B

Malta 1565
Last Battle Of The Crusades
by Tim Pickles
price Lm4.95   
Postage Group : B

A City By An Order
by Roger de Giorgio
price Lm20.00   Postage Group : C

The House Of The Temple
by Frederick w. Ryan
price Lm20.00   Postage Group : C

The Fleet Of the Order Of St. John
by Capt. Joseph M. Wismayer
price Lm12.95    Postage Group : B

Society, Culture and Identity in Early Modern Malta
by Carmel Cassar
price Lm8.95  Postage Group : B
Grandmaster Hughes Loubenx De Verdalle
by Michael Galea
price Lm2.50   Postage Group : A
Hompesch and Malta
A New Evaluation
edited by Prof.Maurice Eminyan 
price Lm3.00   Postage Group : A
The Palace Armoury
A Studu of a Military Storehouse of the Knights of the Order of St. John
by Stephen C. Spiteri
price Lm8.95   Postage Group : B

The Fortification of Malta by the Order Of St. John 1503-1798
ref. FOMO
by Alison Hoppen
price Lm8.95  Postage Group : B
An Elizabeathan-Ottoman
by Andrew P. Vella
price Lm5.00    Postage Group : B
The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order Of St. John Of Jerusalem Of Rhodes And Of Malta :The Order's Legacy In Malta
edited by Canon John Azzopardi
price Lm12.50   Postage Group : C
Histories Of Malta
Deceptions And Perceptions
Volume One
by Giovanni Bonello
price Lm15.95  Postage Group : C
The 1556 Ottoman Malta Campain Register
by Arnold Cassola
price Lm20.00   Postage Group : C
History of Freemasonry
in Malta 1730-1998
edited by A.J.Agius
price Lm16.00   Postage Group : C
The Great Siege Of Malta
by Joseph Ellul
price LM3.00   Postage Group : B
The Knights Of Malta
by H.J.A.Sire
price Lm11.95   Postage Group : C
The First Siege 1565
The Assault by the Turkish Armada on the island of Malta May-September
by Victor Pulis
price Lm 2.25   Postage Group : B
The History Of The Knights of Malta
by Abbe De Vertot
price Lm19.00    
Postage Group : E

The Grandmaster's Palace & The Gobelin Tapestries
by Joseph Ellul
price Lm3.25   
Postage Group : B

The Palace Of The grandmasters And The Armoury
ref. PALPB
by M. Galea, 64 pages, Full Colour illustrations,  1990, Pub: MJ , 
price Lm1.95   
Postage Group : A

Sovereign Military and Hospitaller order Of St. John Of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta
9th Centenary Celebrations
L- Ospedalier
ref. OSPE1
price Lm3.50   Postage Group : B
The Grandmasters Of Malta
From The Origins To Modern Times
by Pawlu Mizzi, BA,MQR
price Lm2.95    Postage Group : A

The Princes Of Malta
The Grand Masters Of The Order of St. John in Malta 1530-1798
by Charles Mula
price Lm6.50    Postage Group : A

Sex, Magic, And The Periwinkle
A Trial at the malta Tribunal, 1617
by Carmel Cassar
price Lm 1.25   Postage Group : A
The Great Siege Of Malta(1565) And The Isatanbul State Archives
by Arnold Cassola
price Lm 3.75    Postage Group : A
he Achievements Of The Knights Of Malta
by Alexander Sutherland
price Lm 16.50   Postage Group : B
The Great Siege 
by Ernle Bradford
price Lm3.75  Postage Group : A
The Knights Of Malta
by Joseph Attard
price Lm 2.95   Postage Group : A
A Benedictine's Notes on Seventeenth- Centuary Malta
by Joe Zammit Ciantar
price Lm9.00   Postage Group : B
The History And The Works Of Art Of St. John's Church 
Valletta- Malta
price Lm 12.00   Postage Group : B
Hospitaller Malta 
Studies on Early Modern Malta and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem
by Victor Mallia-Milanes
price Lm15.00   Postage Group : C
The Cavaliers Tour and 
Malta in 1663
by Thomas Freller
price Lm4.00   Postage Group : A
The History of the Order of St John 
by Jonathan Riley Smith
price Lm 6.99   Postage Group : B
The Siege of Malta Rediscovered
by Donald E.Sultana
price Lm 14.00    Postage Group : B

Cagliastro And Malta 
byThomas Freller
price Lm2.95   Postage Group : A
The Anglo Bavarian Langue of The Order of Malta by Thomas Freller, Pub:Pin, 2001,296 pages, A5 size
Lm05.50 Postage Code: A
Of Flesh And Blood
The Knights of Malta 
by Anita Lever
price Lm6.95   Postage Group : A